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Part 1: Rolling

When you begin using RollDB, you'll notice three form fields; one for the roll type, one for the roll data, and one for an ID.

Roll types are limited to those supported by RollDB; these include rolls for Shadowrun, D&D, the D6 System, and a handful of other games.

Feel free to contact Kyle Willey at 'admin at homoeoteleuton dot com' if you'd like to see a new dice roller added.

The second field is roll data. RollDB doesn't recognize roll notation, instead each type of roll has its own format.

For instance, rolling Xd6 for a certain number of successes has a four possible variables to input; the number of dice, the target to be rolled, free successes, and a modifier on each die.

Look at these charts for more information on proper roll formatting.

Part 2: ID's

You can specify a manual ID. If you're logged in as a user or as an anonymous group member, you can choose to specify that the roll is part of your group's activity (once this functionality is available).

There is a ceiling on manually chosen ID's.

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